The Alchemist Cookbook 2016

With a cat as his sole companion, pill-popping recluse Sean retreats to a makeshift lab in the woods to practise ancient alchemical rituals from an indecipherable book. Of course, Sean aches to strike gold by offering himself to forces beyond his comprehension. Now, surrounded by gloomy swamps and the eroding silence of unanswered questions, the overambitious apprentice gets to work. He is unaware, however, that no one cuts corners when dealing with the unknown. After all, such unwise pacts with all-consuming darkness demand preparation, enlightenment, and courage. Instead, Sean is about to embark on a 13-chapter journey into the grotesque realm of haunting doubts. Is the overeager black-arts novice prepared to face his inner demons and the forest's tangled shadows? Written by Nick Riganas

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