Swept Under 2015

Nick Hopewell, a newly minted NYPD Homicide detective, has a strong sense of justice and the law, which is why he wouldn't hesitate reporting the crooked cops again as he did in his previous job in Vice, despite the action giving him a bad reputation among some within his ranks, he believing his current captain, LaSalle, among those in wanting to get rid of him even before he begins. His first case in Homicide is the murder of businessman, Oliver Waxman, the pressure to solve the case high in Waxman having connections to the mayor. Nick's partner, Ed Braxton, takes the opportunity in working with a novice to raise his own profile with LaSalle in trying to be a one man show on the case. The one person on the scene who Nick sees as being a potential benefit in having an inherent ability to see what is happening is Morgan Sher, the sole person in her own company, which is contracted to be the crime scene cleaner. Nick begins unofficially to work on the case with Morgan rather than Braxton. In the process, they discover that they are dealing with a serial killer in subsequent murders having exactly the same M.O. With Morgan's help, Nick is able to piece together one strong connection between the murder victims. As Nick and Morgan get closer to the truth, they start to fall for each other, Morgan who is hesitant to start anything with him in something unspoken in her past making her run away from men whenever they get too close for her comfort. That past will affect both what happens with the case and their personal relationship. Written by Huggo

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